Being consistent about identification, referral processes and caseloads

  • Following the audit are you clear who you are focussing on?  A small number of the right people is better than a bigger group that you can’t easily define.  Don’t be concerned about targeting small numbers – that is the point of this work
  • Do you have an agreed methodology to identify individuals with multiple needs? Identification tools like the NDT Assessment can be helpful.
The MEAM Approach Partnership and audit Consistency in client identification Coordination for clients & services Flexible responses from services Service improvement and gap filling Measurement of success Sustainability and systems change
  • Have you set a clear process for seeking and prioritising referrals and for agreeing a caseload?  We recommend that referrals come from all types of services (including police, hospitals etc) and that a cross-sector group choose the caseload.  This creates buy-in and makes it a service for the “area as a whole”.
  • Have you been clear that all referrals must come with an offer from the referring agency to play their part in the solution? – don’t allow ‘dumping’ of clients.
  • Have you picked a small caseload that you can stick with over time? Tackling multiple needs is about sustained support to a small group of people and the caseload should reflect that.  We recommend not going above 1:15 and keeping clients on the caseload for as long as is needed.