Flexible responses and system change

Ensuring flexible responses from all statutory and voluntary agencies

  • Are all local services going the extra mile for this group?  Coordination won’t work unless local agencies also provide flexible services for clients to use.  There are many different ways to achieve flexibility in your local area.  We have made some suggestions below grouped around ‘strategic’, ‘economic’ and ‘cultural/organisational’ and will add to this list as the MEAM Approach develops
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Strategic.  Have you considered:

  • Developing a Board of senior individuals to oversee a coordinated intervention?  They can troubleshoot, fundraise, share data and give permission for things to be done differently at the frontline.  An Operational Group of service managers can provide a forum for case conferencing and for agreeing shared support packages for clients. Draft terms of reference for both groups are available by clicking the links.

Cultural:  Have you considered:

  • Supporting professionals across sectors to work better together?  An Operational Group is one way of doing this, or  you may wish to consider a community of practice. The design of your coordination model may also support this (i.e. by placing those leading on coordination in a multi-disciplinary team).

Economic.  Have you thought about:

  • Making it a requirement of all service contracts to provide flexible responses?
  • Individual budgets, that allow services to be purchased for clients? A number of small-scale schemes have been successful, but there are not yet examples of social care style individuals budgets for people with multiple needs.
  • Payment by results, which could incentivise providers (or a series of providers) to provide services that meet a set of locally agreed outcomes?
  • Pooled budgets, which could help fund any of the above. Commissioners may make equal contributions to a pooled budget or design a system with variable contributions based on expected savings.

This section links closely to the sustainability and system change section, so please explore that too.