Partnership and audit

The right people at the table and a shared understanding of the problem

  • Do you have a cross-sector partnership of providers, service users and commissioners that are committed to leading this work?  The aim is to create an intervention for the “area as a whole”.  Try to ensure a balanced partnership that represents most relevant parties, but keep it manageable. Invest heavily in supporting service users to participate in this process.
The MEAM Approach Partnership and audit Consistency in client identification Coordination for clients & services Flexible responses from services Service improvement and gap filling Measurement of success Sustainability and systems change
  • Do you have a shared understanding of the problem and have you agreed a shared definition of multiple needs and exclusions? Focus on those with multiple needs and ineffective contact with services.
  • How many people face multiple needs in your area?  Can you use the findings from an audit to attract further agencies to the partnership?  Make sure you include all relevant services, including the police.
  • Have you brought together the partnership (providers, commissioners and service users) to consider the current ‘system’ and to develop a shared vision for the future? Our workshop outline based on the elements of the MEAM Approach provides some possible guidance for this important exercise.